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  • Developing COSI

    "We've created a simple and innovative approach to hospitality whilst maintaining a high standard of guest satisfaction."

    Value Proposition

      High Profitability: due to a "hub & spoke" operating concept underpinned by an efficient operating model.

      Low Distributions Cost: as a result of an effective sales and distribution strategy supported by the COSI Cloud.

      Reduced Gross Floor Area Requirements: due to efficient design and layout of the rooms and other areas (up to 45% reduction compared to 'traditional' upscale hotels).

      Reduced Development Cost and Time: due to the use of COSI's readily available design and building guidelines.

      Reduced Head Count: selected processes and services are outsourced to COSI Shared Services and preferred business partners.

      Reduced Set-Up Cost: as all non-essentials are removed from the Hotel.


    COSI will feature efficient 150+ room hotels in either convenient city locations or popular resort destinations.


    Lively urban environments near:

    • City center
    • Central Business District
    • Tourist destinations
    • Restaurants, bars and nightlife areas
    • Retail and leisure destinations

    Lively urban environments near:

    • Walking distance to public transport
    • Easily accessible by car/taxi



    Lively leisure environments near:

    • Beach, hill stations
    • Theme parks
    • Tourist destinations
    • Sporting facilities (golf course, ski slopes, scuba diving etc.)
    • Places of interest for tourists
    • Restaurants, bars and nightlife areas

    Great accessibility:

    • Walking distance to public transport
    • Easily accessible by car/taxi



    Staying at a Hotel should be a simple, enjoyable and stress-free experience. That's why we're called COSI!