Discovering and living the COSILife™ is much more than working in a hotel, it's all about your personality and we love you to be you!

A COSI Hotel and a COSI guest are looking to be inspired by the culture and dynamics of the destination. At COSI, we are passionate, unique, friendly, and love to give our guests an inspiring experience.

Looking beyond the job! COSI is all about creating and sustaining a positive and motivating working environment. We promote multi-tasking and offer a job that's diverse and fun.

We're looking for team members who…

  1. Are young at heart and passionate about things they do
  2. Are social innovators and love to meet and greet different people from all walks of life
  3. Live in the "now" and know "what's next"
  4. Are positive and problem solvers

Are you one of us?We'd love to get to know you.

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